What happens when we sleep near our smartphones? Many problems you never expected to happen!

What really happens when you sleep near electronic devices? In the era of globalization, everyone is accustomed to owning mobile phones and electronic devices in general, which prompted many institutions and companies to study the effect of mobile phone radiation on you during sleep or when using it just before bed, which is what we will talk about today by elaborating on the Arajik website. So we recommend that you continue.

What really happens when you sleep near electronic devices?

Our bodies need to sleep in order to be able to work the next day with all activity. It is like charging so that you can focus and be creative in your work, but using electronic devices before sleeping or sleeping near them may affect your sleep negatively. Here are the most important of those reasons:

Reducing the secretion of the hormone melatonin
The pineal gland produces the hormone melatonin that helps you to relax and sleep, and therefore it is called the “sleep hormone”. It also maintains eye health and its deficiency may cause several diseases, including: obesity, sugar and cancer, as some studies and research say, which means that its deficiency affects negatively. For your health, you should beware of the blue light emitted by electronic screens, because it reduces the secretion of sleep hormone.

Stay awake
The blue light produced by your mobile phone or from electronic devices in general also keeps you awake, so we advise you to use one of the blue light blocking screens to protect your eyes and get rid of insomnia and you should use your phone before bed when necessary only where you can read a book under the lamp, and this is A good option unlike the bright blue lighting coming from electronic devices.

Imbalance of the biological clock
The biological clock is located at the bottom of the skull above the meeting point of the optic nerves and it regulates sleep time, schedules, body temperature, hormones and immunity, which means that the occurrence of a defect in the biological clock negatively affects your physical health not only that but your mental health as well, where some say Studies The disruption of the biological clock can increase your risk of depression.

Stress and anxiety

One study says that phone notifications and continuous ringing make your sleep intermittent and irregular, which negatively affects your health and makes you nervous all the time, and may cause you insomnia, which will make you more vulnerable to infection and viruses as well as waking you late and not being able to focus in your work or study.

It will not enable you to relax and rest
Continuous vibrations of your phone and connections prevent you from resting and sleeping well after a hard day’s work, so we advise you to prepare the room for sleep by making your phone in silent mode in addition to flight mode at least half an hour before your bedtime or put the phone out of the room so you can relax and get rid of Work and life stress in general.

Technology can harm your health
Mobile phone emits radiation that may adversely affect your health, especially if it is close to the head, so we give you several tips in this aspect.

Keeping the phone away from your bed while sleeping is best to be outside the room because you will not need it during sleep and in order to sleep healthy.
Use the landline instead of the mobile phone as much as possible.
Use the headphones so that the phone is away from the head and it is advised to reduce the duration of the call.
Not to place the phone on a soft surface as the bed during the charging period, as this increases the possibility of an electric fire.
Beware of using the phone while charging.
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Technology consumes a lot of your time

When you go to lose something simple on a social media platform like Facebook, for example, you will be shocked when you find that it took you at least an hour to pass, which will reduce your sleep hours and push your mind to think about these things during bedtime, so we advise you to clear your mind before bed.

For all these reasons, you should stay away from electronic devices during sleep and stop using them at least an hour or half an hour before bed until the hormone melatonin is produced naturally and you can sleep healthy.

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