What are the best Nokia phones available in the market today?

What are the best Nokia phones available today? A very strange question after years of desperate attempts to revive the Nokia name again in the smartphone market by the parent company and then Microsoft, the Finnish company HMD, which was created by some former Nokia employees, decided to try its luck by purchasing the Nokia brand of phones from Microsoft for 350 One million dollars, and at the beginning of 2017, Nokia 6 launched, which was its first Android smartphone.
Best phones:
HMD focused from its beginnings on the category of phones, mainly medium and low price, as it launched several phones within this category since 2017, which were characterized by simple design and durability, and the company’s decision to rely on Android One system distinguished those phones in terms of good performance and permanent updates, but with Nokia’s misleading and unclear labels, the choice between them may be difficult sometimes, so follow this article with us as we will present you with a list of the best Nokia phones available in the market today.

The best Nokia phones available on the market today:
Nokia 9 PureView:
After months of leaks and delays, the new Nokia 9 high-end phone was finally announced in February of last year at the MWC conference, but unfortunately, due to the delay in its launch, it was below expectations, as it came with the SD845 processor from last year instead of the new SD855 that was used by most Top class phones in 2019. Apart from that, its five rear cameras lacked many features such as optical zoom lens and wide angle as well.

Although this phone was very disappointing, it is currently considered the best Nokia phone available in the market, as it includes many other features of the high-class phones, such as its metal body and Gorilla Glass 5 in addition to the 1440p screen and measuring 5.9 with a sensor sensitive 5.940 A footprint under it, too. Also, its five-rear cameras can provide excellent performance if the lighting conditions are appropriate.
The Nokia 9 was announced at a price of $ 700 which is considered a bit high for a processor phone last year, but currently it can be found at lower prices sometimes $ 500, which makes it a suitable option if you prefer the raw system and Nokia phones in general.

Nokia 8.1
In the event that you find the Nokia 9 price slightly exaggerated, the Nokia 8.1 may be considered a good alternative for it, and despite its launch at the end of 2018, until now it is still one of the best Nokia medium phones especially in terms of performance. This phone comes with an SD710 processor, up to 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal, which means that it will be able to provide good performance in all modern games compared to other phones of the middle class.

The phone comes with two 12MP and 13MP rear cameras with the ability to shoot 4K video in addition to one 20MP front camera that can only shoot FHD, the phone’s screen is of type LCD unfortunately, and despite its few edges, the Notch notch at the top makes its design from The front looks a little old, in fact, the price of the phone, which does not exceed $ 300, justifies the lack of many advantages and other features, and in case you want to buy a Nokia phone exclusively, it is considered one of the best options of course.

Nokia 7.2:

This phone was announced in September of last year, and it came with the new circular back camera design adopted by Huawei and OnePlus on some of its phones. Inside the Nokia 7.2 includes an SD660 processor with 4 or 6 GB of random memory and up to 128 GB of internal storage as well, and despite the fact that this processor has become considered a bit old, it is still able to provide excellent performance in normal use and even games, especially with the presence of a version of it with 6GB memory random.

The main rear camera comes with 48MP resolution in addition to an 8MP wide-angle camera and depth sensor as well, thanks to the SD660 processor, it can shoot video in 4K with 30 frames per second. The front camera comes with a 20MP resolution that supports HDR and can shoot video in FHD as well. Nokia 7.2 comes at prices starting at $ 260 for the basic version, which is a bit overrated due to the presence of Nokia 8.1, which is superior in performance, but in case the camera is a priority for you The Nokia 7.2 is one of the best Nokia phones in terms of camera.

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