The most difficult question always asked .. developing websites or developing smartphone applications?

For anyone looking for a good career with reasonable wages, those of engineers or programmers or those who did not enter these two fields can learn one of the most demanded fields in the world: developing websites or developing Android or iOS phone applications, although you may be confused about specializing in One of them, but the comparison between them is not a normal comparison, especially as they are completely different disciplines in a lot of things, and in this article you will know many details about these areas and we may give you some ideas to start with one of them.

Being a user of Android phone or web application applications, you can see many differences in how to use and communicate information, before you adopt one of the fields to learn and professionalize, you must know some characteristics of each field such as the level of difficulty, professional life, wages in the two areas and the ability to grow and develop capabilities in both The two fields.

All the factors mentioned above may be the general factors through which you can choose your field of work that you want to professionalize more easily than a lot of thinking.

First, we define these areas and highlight your daily tasks.

Website development
A web developer develops programming, design and operation of web applications in accordance with the client’s requirements and desires. The developer begins work so that users can easily deal with and browse the site.

The web developer focuses on programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, and programmers in the field of web development work in 3 different functions namely Frontend, backend or Full stack.

The developer who works on Frontend is concerned with the details in the site design and interface, and the ability of users to deal with it, as well as how to put the content and organization within the site, while the developer who works Backend deals with database databases and is interested in keeping servers or servers in a good position so that the site and its services operate with the necessary efficiency And the required interaction with users.

Which means that he is the person responsible for solving any problem that can appear in the servers of any size at the required speed and works to maintain the servers and clean them of all unwanted data stored, in addition to storing files in backup copies to avoid any future disasters and if you compare between Frontend and Backend You’ll find that the developer tasks at the backend are a little more difficult than Frontend.

Fullstack is a suitable job for the programmer who is proficient in dealing with all languages ​​of the frontend and backend web development as he can fully design the site and run it very efficiently.

Phone application development
The development of phone applications is a more complex task than the development of web sites, as the development of phone applications and the way to learn this skill varies according to the operating system that you want to work on between Android and iOS, there are many tools that you can use to develop phone applications, application developers can work On the development of regular applications that we see in the market so that it uses Java or Kotlan with android studio or swift language with iOS.

It may work on applications consisting of the basic web languages, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are applications that work on all platforms, but they do not enjoy the efficiency of authentic applications completely.

Phone application development
Difficulty level
Website development
Website development can be difficult or easy depending on the direction you will take in developing it. You can start learning HTML and CSS to develop and sell some platform models and designs like wordpress or Joomla.

Also, the developer who works at Frontend is easier to do than the developer who made Backend, and of course your work as a fullstack is more difficult than before.

Although the level of difficulty differs, in general, if you have an engineering background in studying programming languages, this will make it more simple and you can pass a significant step in record time. The best thing about developing websites is that you can work and develop a lot of applications through Learn the basics, however, the more missions and the more you learn, the more difficult it becomes.

It is also worth noting that learning the basics of developing websites and their languages ​​does not need a lot of money, there are a lot of free courses and books that can help you at the beginning, and you can apply everything you learned on any computer or laptop with capabilities, if somewhat weak.

Phone application development
In general, the development of phone applications is more difficult than Internet applications, if you want to work on developing phone applications you must choose the operating system that you want to work on from Android, iOS or Windows because each of them needs certain requirements and different skills.

Android developers enjoy more freedom than iOS developers because it is considered one of the open source software that has more popularity and community than developers, in order to work in developing Android applications you must learn the language of Java or Kutlin or Flutter As for iOS developers, Swift language is sufficient.

You will find that learning to develop mobile applications is more expensive than developing websites because ultimately, despite the use of simulation software for phones, you must try your software on real phones, even learning to develop iOS applications needs a Mac computer to program and learn, this is unlike that you need a phone IPhone to try your applications on a real phone.
So the conclusion here is that developing mobile applications is more difficult than developing websites in addition to being more expensive due to your need for hardware such as phones or computers with high capabilities.

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