Manage it well before we lose control .. About technology, we talk!

Technologies are constantly evolving and greatly accelerating, new daily news about developing new technologies, inventions and wider uses of the Internet. We do not forget the existence of new applications that reach digital stores, and I do not need to inform you that most of these innovations and new technologies are classified as human service.
The presence and presence of these technologies of all kinds has become a truism for us as human beings. It may seem impossible to live today without a mobile phone, or without the use of the Internet and social networking applications and the Wi-Fi network at home and other technologies that have become an integral part of our daily routine. .

A puzzling question always arises here, and what is the impact of these technologies on us as human beings? Does its presence negatively affect us? Has our behavior changed and the way we deal with things?

The answer is, of course, that the presence of technology and its excessive interference in our daily routine made it affect and change many details in the way we live and deal with many situations and matters.

How does technology affect our daily lives?

At first glance, we will see that technology has provided many useful things to us, it is a tool that provides us with comfort and ease of work, where you can communicate with anyone at any time, and you can follow the news and work from home to shopping and buy what you need and pay for it in a simple way And fast.

But with a deeper look at the matter, we will find that our use of technology repeatedly and excessively made its presence take a large portion of our time and our lives, the cause of many negative impacts and changes without even feeling them, what are the most prominent of these changes and effects:

The development of social media, entertainment and online entertainment has made direct physiological communication less occurring and less important. Anyone is able to communicate, speak and even see other people with the simple push of a button on their smartphone.

This has had a negative impact on social interaction, so communication and getting out of the house has become less, and with the presence of many entertainment means such as videos, games, and the result today individuals are more inclined to isolate with technology and reduce social mixing and direct human communication.

Disorder of the biological clock
Technical development provided electricity and thus lighting permanently at all times of the day in the morning and at night, and then came the Internet and social media that became available around the clock.

Anyone at any time of the day can reach anything, such as listening to music, watching videos, or browsing the Internet in search of news. This made us sleep more at night, unlike the habit and slept during the day. For the biological clock and for our usual system.

Constant anticipation and fear of not keeping up with events
The constant attachment to the mobile phone and our accounts on social media such as Facebook, for example, caused us a kind of tension and constant anticipation.

Where we hardly put the phone out of our hands for a short time and try to pay attention to other things, except after our promise and after a short period of time to carry the phone and open our accounts to know what is new and what is currently happening in social media, knowing that most of us realize that it is unlikely that something will change in this period Short, but without feeling and unconsciously, we entered a whirlpool of attachment and anticipation of news via Social Media, and we became obsessed that we should not lose or delay from following anything new in it.

Low level of focus and attention
Our constant preoccupation with our smartphones and new technologies such as games and social media platforms and others has become a major focus on our focus and ideas, and this has affected our focus on the rest of the real life.

So we did not focus on any conversation taking place with others surrounding us, and we were unable to conduct a full dialogue with anyone, and many began to forget their life tasks and their tasks in work, study, and negligence as well, and this decreased the productivity of the individual in the work and its results in the study, because the focus is on entertainment And the use of smart phones and their features.

So despite all the features, benefits, and services that technology has provided us as human beings over the past years, and despite its precious contribution to developing our lives for the better, we must pay attention to how much we allow it to interfere and penetrate within our lives and our minds, so we may turn from controlling these new technologies to followers. Affected by this technology, and it becomes who controls us.

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