Check out the ROG Maximus XII Extreme … the newest motherboard yet!

When thinking about buying a new desktop computer for games and other works that require high and stable performance, users often tend to focus mainly on the processor and graphics card, and despite the importance of these components to obtain a good performance, the choice of a motherboard can benefit from the performance of all components Other computers and keeping their temperature as low as possible is just as important.

The ROG series from Asus includes a lot of professional products and pieces related to everything related to the gaming world, and for motherboards this series is the first choice for many users who want to get the best possible performance, a few weeks ago the company announced the new ROG Maximus XII Extreme, where It brought with it a lot of improvements and upgrades with the support of the tenth generation of the new Intel processors, in this article we will talk about the most prominent features and features of this motherboard so follow us.

ROG Maximus XII Extreme specifications

This motherboard includes the new Intel LGA 1200 socket, which supports a wide range of Intel Core 10th generation processors in addition to Pentium Gold and Celeron processors as well, it also comes with Z490 Chipset, the latest Intel chipsets that support a lot of other features and features. For random memory, it is possible to install what Up to 128GB DDR4 within four available ports with support up to 4800MHz when overclocking.

One of the most important features of this motherboard is the support of running two graphics cards together at the same time, either through SLI technology to operate two Nvidia cards or via CrossFireX to operate two AMD cards as well, as it includes two PCI-e x16 ports in addition to one PCI-e x4 port connected to a chip z490, for internal storage, ROG Maximus XII Extreme supports Intel Optane technology in addition to support four M.2 and eight SATA ports, as you can use the ROG DIMM.2 expansion card within the random memory port so that you can operate two M.2 memory modules Together, if you need additional ports.

The board also supports the latest wired and wireless connectivity technologies, including Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 and 10Gb Ethernet, in addition to another port supported by Intel Ethernet 2.5Gb technology, which provides better performance compared to the regular Ethernet ports within games, video streaming and other tasks that need to connect Fast and stable internet with little delay.

Unlike many other panels that usually lack multiple back ports, ROG Maximus XII Extreme includes 12 USB ports with speeds of up to 20Gbps depending on the port, and you will also find a special expansion card that includes Mini Display Port and Thunderbolt 3 ports at a speed of 40Gbps. The board includes 3.5mm ports front and back with support for high-precision playback of up to 32Bit with a frequency of 192KHz, and from the back you will find an optical S / PDIF port to operate professional audio systems as well.

ROG Maximus XII Extreme Panel Features and Features
ROG Maximus XII Extreme board
AI Overclocking
One of the most important adjustments that can be applied to your computer in order to get the best possible performance is the speed-up process, which allows you to benefit from the performance of the various components of your computer in the event that it supports it. In the past, users were suffering from the difficulty of performing speed-up operations due to the possibility of errors resulting Not knowing the values ​​that should be changed and modified, but Asus was making this process easier for users by including pre-speed options in its panels so that you can choose between them and apply them in simple steps.

The AI ​​Overclocking feature helps to choose the values ​​and settings most compatible with your computer, by knowing the type of processor and the cooling system, and thus you will not need to search, ask or even worry about using incorrect values, this feature is one of the most important features of this new motherboard, as it will become Able to make the most of the 10th generation Intel processors by taking simple and easy steps.

AI Cooling
When playing for long hours, a decrease in computer performance due to the temperature of the various components is usually noticed due to the inefficiency of the cooling system. With the new Asus ROG Maximus XII Extreme Panel you will get a high performance throughout your use of the computer, thanks to the feature AI AI Cooling which You manage and regulate the work of the cooling fans connected to the plate according to the cutting temperature and the nature of the work you are doing, so you will not need to perform any manual adjustments to the speed of the fans or worry about their work properly.

The board also features a comprehensive cooling system with Heat Sinks on all its components, including M.2 storage units, VRMs, Chipset and many others, and includes many sensors that help to know the cutting temperature accurately in addition to the presence of a special card It connects the cooling fans and helps to control them and change their speed according to the cutting temperature and the nature of the work being done.

AI Networking
With the new ROG Maximus XII Extreme board you will enjoy an ideal gaming experience without any network interruption or delay thanks to the AI ​​Networking feature, where you can use GameFirst VI software to configure the network speed and set the priority for the game you are playing, GameFirst VI analyzes your use of the computer and the applications that you use to determine the priority , And with that, you will get the fastest speed available from your home network even during HD video transmission.

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