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Hello, Guys. Welcome to another episode of “Learn Technology in 5-minutes from MAKERDEMY

This is Naveen and imparts of the instructor team at MAKERDEMY.

Have you ever been confused after seeing numerous cloud certifications?

Have you wondered which certification is best suited for your talents and career aspirations?

If yes, then this video is for you.

Over the next several videos in this Learn Technology in 5 Minutes video series,

We will take a tour of the various cloud certifications currently in demand and by the end of this series.

You will be better equipped to decide for yourself which certification path is appropriate for you.

Today, we will start with the set of certificates given by AWS.

As AWS has the largest market share in Cloud and is also the most mature cloud platform around, it is appropriate that we start with AWS certifications.

Here is the complete list of AWS certifications.

There are a total of 12 certifications across four levels,

We are starting from the Foundational to Specialty certifications like Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

For this video, we will focus on the ONLY foundational certification under the AWS umbrella – The AWS CCP or the Cloud Practitioner exam.

This is a generalist certification and is meant for a broad audience.

This means that you do not really have to be a technical professional to complete this certification.

So, if you are starting out on a technical track or if you are a product manager,

a project manager or even on the business side – sales and business development, finance or general management, you can still sit for this certification

By completing this certification, you demonstrate that you have a basic knowledge of the AWS cloud platform and a familiarity with available services and Cloud best practices when it comes to security, billing, and so on.

How much does this cost, and what is the nature of the exam?

The CCP exam costs $100, and the exam itself is a 90 minute online comprising of 65 multiple choices, multiple answer questions on the following topics.

Cloud Concepts, Security and Compliance, Technology, Billing and Pricing.

If you think what is the difference between multiple choice and multiple answer questions – here is the answer

A multiple-choice question has only one correct answer among the given four alternatives, and the multiple answer questions will have two or more correct answers among five or more alternatives.

Needless to say, the multiple answer questions are trickier.

MAKERDEMY strongly recommends that you get this certification regardless of whether you are on the technical side or in the business end of your organization.

It doesn’t cost much, it is easier to get certified, and you can prove to yourself that you understand the basics of the Cloud.

That is all from me in this video.

We will take an in-depth view of other cloud certifications in our future videos.

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